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Hello.  Your Cat Attract litter quite literally saved our cat’s life. After 3 years of inconsistent use of her litter box, we were at our wit’s end and wondering how we could go on with a cat that wouldn’t use her litter. I went online to find a solution and found your website and forums of cat owners who loved your products. Immediately after changing the litter product to Cat Attract, our cat began using her litter box every day without fail. What a relief. Every one is a lot happier, including our cat.



I found 2 feral kittens that were about 4 weeks old and took them in. Initially they both used the litter box with another litter. At about 3 months old one of the kittens started urinating outside the box everywhere in the house. They are strictly indoor cats. I tried several diffrent litters, took him to the vet to rule out any medical problems, and got them neutered.  I was told it was behavioral and really no solution. I came across this website and because of the reviews decided to try Kitten Attract– all I can say is WOW!!! Right away he started using the litter box again and it has been 4 months with no “accidents”!! I am estatic and thankful. I will continue to use this and then transition on to Cat Attract as they get older. Thank you DR. Elsey! Forever grateful.



I was getting really close to condemning my six-year old indoor cat to the garage after she started refusing to urinate in the cat box.  The other cat was fine, but she just insisted that the landing carpet was her space.  Needless to say, it smelled so bad, I stopped inviting people over.

Then I saw your product, Cat Attract, at PetSmart.  I had spent so much money on cat repellent, cat smell removers and different types of cat litter, I almost didn’t even bother to try.  But I did.

You are a miracle worker!  I can’t believe that she now uses only the cat box for her business!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!



I’m just writing to say thanks for this amazing product. My cat was going beside his litter and there was nothing I could do to correct the problem. After doing some research I came across Cat Attack and went right to the store. Worked on the first attempt. Now my house smells wonderful. Just wanted to write and say thank you.



We just started using your Precious Cat Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter for our cat and I had to take a moment to say …Bravo!!!



Thank you! We are a six rescue cat family who has already had to turn one cat into an outdoor only after dealing with his urine spraying behavior for four years. We tried everything with him and consulted with vets all along the way. Later, another one of our cats suddenly started urinating just outside the box, daily. I tried the usual approaches, fearing the worst. After nothing worked, I was distraught by the expectation of him joining our outdoor cat. This one had been a feral kitten and still skittish. I knew it would not work for him. I found your litter listed on a cat site and tried it, not getting my hopes up. He instantly started playing in the litter and investigating it. He never urinated outside his box again! It’s been six months without incident. I’m now using your litter in all our boxes, as a preventative.