“One of my two indoor/outdoorcats developed litter box aversion about a year ago. We keep the litter box in the garage, where they also go in and out through the cat door. A neighbour’s cat came through the cat door into the garage several times, and must have really traumatized my male cat. He started marking throught the garage with his feces, and this lasted over a year.

I bought a new litter box, tried different litter, and even bought a cat attractant to add to the litter (not yours of course). Nothing worked and even the vet just said it was a common and often untreatable problem.

Then I found your product – with a guarantee! I saved the receipt, sure that once again, I had found something that did not work! I am happy to say that he has been eliminating in the box now, with no more surprises in the garage, and his sister is using the box with the “Cat Attract” litter, as well.

You have changed my life and probably made the cat happier as well! Thank you very much!”
- Lynne Hart

“Just wanted to tell you that your Cat Attract litter has brought peace to my home. I have a two year old cat who did not like the litter box and chose the carpet for her “business”. After a recent move, I switched to Cat Attract and bought 3 boxes for my two cats. Squeek seemlessly became a little girl who always uses the box now. Thank you so much! You saved my cat.”
- Amanda K Clapper

“We adopted a 4 year old cat several months ago and he refused to use the litter box. We have a total of 3 cats and I had tried everything. I have 5 litter boxes that are cleaned 2 times a day and each and every time this cat would pee and poop on the concrete next to the litter box. My husband was ready to send this cat back to the animal rescue when I saw your product in an search on the internet. I tried it and and now he is potty trained. I can’t thank you enough. Now all of us can live happily ever after.”
- Nancy Mino

“When my daughter recommended precious cat litter to replace my current litter I was not convinced it would be any better. No matter how often I cleaned the litter box, it always had an odor and the tracking all over the room was horrible. Well I tried the litter and was very pleased by the difference. Very clean, no dust and very little tracking. I have recommended this litter to a co-worker with multiple cats. She was renting a house and her landlady noticed a litter odor in the house and was not happy. She was concerned about the higher price for the precious cat litter, but I insisted it was worth every penny. It took her about a month to realize, no odor! She was very, very grateful and has recommended this product to other cat owners. Thank you, thank you for a wonderful product. Oh, my daughter-in-law used this litter also. It is a family product!”
- Sandy Clark

“Thank you so much for making available a cat litter for cats with Asthma. Yes, I am in the 1% bracket that has a feline with asthma. The litter is the FIRST thing to check after it’s FINALLY determined that your cat has asthma. And your Precious Cat R&R Respiratory Relief cat litter has at least rid me of ONE of the things that I need to do in order to treat my cat. Thank you!”
- Nancy P.

“I just wanted to tell you what a great,great product “precious cat” senior litter is. there is nothing out there that comes near your product…no smells,and believe me my 2 babies have the worst smell. Strong i guess i mean to say.. thank you so much…”
- Peggy Polley

“Dear Dr. Elsey, You saved my cats lives. Last week after giving up all hope I made the final decision to take my cats to the pound. I was devastated. Out of 4 cats two would have to be given up after a 5 year long battle. We went to the pet store and were about to purchase the Worlds Best Cat Litter, but I mentioned to my husband that our older cat had been tracking dust all over our bedroom while she recovered from a major surgery. My allergies went wild those 2 weeks as well and when he thought about it so did his. We looked around and found your litter and your additive. I was going to test your 100% guarantee or money back challenge and I was going to win.

So far, I’ve lost big time and my cats are the winners. I can’t even come close to expressing my utter joy.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and thank you for creating a cat litter that actually works. It’s absolutely amazing…absolutely.”
- Maharet

“Absolutely MUST tell you how great your Ultra Precious Litter is.  I have just about tried every brand and have been so dissatisfied!!!  Two days ago I purchased this litter and am so happy with it!  What a god-send.  There are three cats in the house but this makes life SO much easier.  Thanks!!!!”
- Elizabeth H.

“I just wanted to tell you that Cat Attract is a godsend.  We have had many issues in our home; and Cat Attract has resolved them.  It is the best thing to come into my life and I tell everyone about it; it is the best invention of our century!

Thank you so very much for the product!!!!!”
- Linda F.

“I just wanted to send a BIG Thank You for Cat Attract; it has completely changed my life.  Since my cat was a kitten he has refused to use the litterbox.  After 2 years of trying every type of litter on the market with no success I came across an article on Cat Attract.  Being as desperate as I was I decided to give it a try.  It’s now been 5 months and my cat now uses the litter box thanks to Cat Attract.  It’s absolutely amazing that it really works – never in a million years did I think he would use the litterbox and now he is!

I cannot thank you enough for this product – I will never use anything else ever again!”
- Alissa A.

“Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract Litter is a miracle product.  Once a cat has litter box issues, I had always been convinced there was no hope for a cure.  I have 4 cats and a dog.  Amelda is a 3 year old cat who was rescued by IndyFeral(a nonprofit organization that works to control the stray and feral cat population through the humane method of trap-neuter- return rather than trap and kill) from a trash can in Indianapolis, IN when she was about 1 day old.  She was raised by an IndyFeral volunteer until she was 8 weeks old, when I adopted her.  Amelda did fine until a dog found a home with us and this seemed to stress her out and she quit using the litter box for several months.  I decided to try Dr. Elsey’s litter – what did I have to lose, it had a money back guarantee.  I was worried that this change might spook the other cats so I admit I was a little reluctant.  I got a new litter box and put the Dr. Elsey’s in that one and left my other boxes the same with the old litter.  When my cats were literally WAITING IN LINE for the new box I knew I was on to something.  Amelda has not missed the litter box now for SEVERAL months and as anyone who has liter box issues knows, this is nothing short of a miracle.  Thanks Dr. Elsey!!!!”
- Brenda

“I just wanted your company to know that my wife and I totally appreciate your product: Cat Attract. 

More than a year ago, it helped us cure one our cats from frequent urinating on carpets and in corners.  Last year, we moved 60 miles south and ended up 20 miles fro the nearest Petsmart (where we bought Precious Cat products).

This year, I have been struggling with other brands clumping quality, odor control, and desirability to our cats.  Last week, we started getting warmer weather and our front porch became a neighborhood hang out for strays.  Our cats started freaking out and peeing everywhere in the basement.  We’ve had a lot of things ruined from it. 

This last Sunday I cleaned the basement, bought a really big litter box, and filled it with Cat Attract.  We still have the strays running around outside, but none of my cats have made any mistakes.  I’m so happy.

Once again, regardless the miles, we are dedicated to Cat Attract.

Thank you for such an effective product.”

Your customers,
- Danny and Sarah W.

“I am trying Dr. Elsey’s Cat Litter and it truly is dustless.  My husband is still on litter duty, and he was incredulous when he told me there was NO dust………”
- Wanda

“I don’t know how you decide on products that you feature, but I have to tell you about one that blew me away.  My two year old cat, Fred, decided one day for no apparent reason that she preferred the living room carpet to her litter box.  At my wit’s end, having tried everything to no avail, I saw an ad for a cat litter called Cat Attract that is designed for litter box training and cats with “problems eliminating outside the litter box”.  That certainly described Fred, so I gave it a try.  Fred was interested the moment I walked in with the bag in hand, and so was her sister.  Ginger, even though Ginger always used the box without problems.  I poured the litter into a pan and Fred immediately dove in, dug a hole (something she never did before when she was a litter box user), peed and covered it up.  She’s used it consistently even since even though the living room is still marked with the odors she so obligingly left behind.  “This stuff is nothing short of miraculous” I told the guy at the counter when I went back for a second bag.  “We hear that a lot,” he replied.  I urge you share this miracle with others.  It may save a cat from a trip to the pound, not that Fred was ever in danger of that, but I can well imagine others making the choice.  Its “natural”, whatever that means, but not biodegradable.  However, it doesn’t track or raise dust, so not being able to flush or compost it is a small price to pay.”
- LaurieAnn L.

“Dear Dr. Elsey:
I just wanted to thank you for your product, Precious Cat Senior cat litter.  A week and a half ago I had to bring my 11 year old female calico to the vet because she had started to urinate outside the litter box.  She had been defecating outside of it for a very long time and I didn’t think there was any way to change the behavior.  After finding out from the vet that there was nothing seriously wrong with her, other than a small bladder, I decided to change my own behavior.  That started with buying new litter boxes (though the ones I had were not more than a year old) going from two to three boxes (as I have two cats – the other a black tiger who is 13 years of age) and buying new litter.  I have used Yesterday’s News for some time, but I came across your product in the PetSmart store her in Plymouth.  I bought a couple of bags and brought it home to see how the cats would react to it. Suffice to say, I have not had to clean up any waste from the cats (outside the box) since I began using your product.  Thanks again.  It is much appreciated and I am sure that Fian and Sage would thank you if they could.”

Sincerely yours,
- Michael W.

“As a owner of multiple cats and a professional animal hygienist, I have tried many litters. No other compares to Precious Cat. There are three main reasons I love this litter.

One: This litter is dust free. I scoop and shake the litter all around and never have all that nasty dust in my face.

Two: I have never had an odor problem. (three cats, one box)

Three: The best thing about this litter is that it clumps urine. With other cat litter, the clumps brake up easy and mix in to the clean litter. My box stays cleaner, longer with Precious Cat.”

Precious Pet Paradise, LLC
Lorraine Milner

Renea from Virginia wrote to us about her success with Cat Attract and sent us a picture of her cat whose life was changed by our product.

“I just had to send you a note about the miraculous cat litter, Cat Attract. I have 8 cats and one of them who is older, has been urinating outside the litter box for quite some time. I had him examined by a veterinarian who diagnosed it as a behavior problem. Last December he was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy. Due to fluid build up, he was put on medicine to reduce the fluid. Well, as you can imagine, he was drinking and urinating more than normal! I didn’t want to do anything drastic to try to correct his problem with going outside the box because I fear that he doesn’t have much time left. Last week, I was going on my normal trip to the pet store to get the cat litter and I just noticed the Cat Attract on the shelf. I turned to my husband who agreed that we should give it a try in one of the litter boxes. Well, I’m convinced that it is a miracle!! My cat (and the 7 others!) has been seen using the box with the Cat Attract in it and I’m happy to say he has not urinated outside the litter box at all. Thank you thank you thank you for inventing such a wonderful product that truly is a miracle!!”

Glen Allen, VA

“Just had to write to let you know what a godsend your litters are. I have a 14 year old, diabetic cat. Since she’s diabetic, she drinks a lot of water and consequently urinates frequently. Her arthritis makes it painful for her to move around too much (at least that’s what she pretends) and we have been frantic to find a solution to her frequent urinating on the carpets. Believe me when I say we tried absolutely everything! As soon as I started using Cat Attract, however, for a 2nd cat who has always been careless about his potty habits, my old, diabetic, can’t make-it-into-the-box-next-to-my-bed cat started using the Cat Attract box even though it was across the room, down the stairs, along the hallway and into a spare bedroom. She was crossing half the house and up and down stairs to get to that box. So we gave her her own box, upstairs and she is using it faithfully. I had to go to the Ultra because of the quantity of urine but I just sprinkle some Cat Attract on the top of it and it seems to be working beautifully.

Oh, and the cat I bought it for originally, has stopped leaving me “tootsie rolls”.

You have saved us no end of grief and I can’t thank you enough. I’m telling everyone I know about your kitty litters.”
- Lynda

“I have a 3 month kitten. We were having problems with her using her litter box like she should. My sister in-law had heard about your cat attract litter so I thought it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try. I put it in her box just 2 days ago and it seems to have solved our problem of urinating on the carpet. As soon as I put it in the box she used it and I have been watching her closely for these two days and it seems that that is the only place she is going. Thank you so much, it has made our household a much happier place.”
- Sue Luchak

“I must admit, I was quite skeptical since the grains were so large as opposed to the fine grains of your competitors, but after scooping it for the first time, I am ecstatic! We’ve never seen anything scoop that nice! It scoops absolutely wonderful and doesn’t’t make scooping cat litter such a chore.”
- B ill & Carole Miles (Glendale, AZ)

“I myself have a multi-cat family. I have also rescued many homeless, sick or injured cats…and place them in loving homes. Every time one of these cats is adopted I send them home with a package of Precious Cat. I use nine 40 pound bags of litter a month. Absolutely no other cat litter will do.”
- Mary Bond (Orlando, FL)

“I bought two bags of Precious Pine and I am so very impressed with the lack of odor from the cat urine. I have four cats and the pine scent is just wonderful.”
- Carroll Cole (Atlanta, GA)

“I have used your Precious Cat Ultra for two years and it has solved the “litter box aversion” problem that I had with one of my cats. Thank you for such a great product.”
- Barbara Townsend (Hereford, TX)

“I love your Precious Cat Ultra cat litter and so do my cats! Thank you for offering us multi-cat owners a product that not only works wonderfully, but is packaged inexpensively, in large quantity and at a price lower than the rest. I will buy nothing else.”
- Leslie, Malay and Chin Chin (San Diego, CA)

“Your Precious Cat is by far the best of any I’ve ever used for my cats. I go out of my way to a pet store that carries it simply because it is the best.”
- Cristofer Aven (Hayward, CA)

“This is the first scoopable cat litter that I have tried that I like. With Precious Cat I have noticed less odor—big plus. I also like the ease of scooping the box clean and getting all of the waste out of the box.”
- Susan Martin (Phoenix, AZ)

“Having three cats in our house, the litter boxes are naturally getting quite a bit of use. We were using a clay with baking soda brand from our local big box store, and the dust coming off of that litter was covering everything within 30 feet. It was awful! After reading up online about various brands, I came across the free bag offer for Precious Cat and decided to give it a shot. I can honestly say that our dust issue is completely gone, and we are 100% satisfied with this product. The dust has been reduced to virtually nothing, we have no odor issues, and the tracking is minimal. I would recommend anyone having problems with their current brand give Precious Cat a try.”
- Chuck Freeman