It is easy to check your cat’s specific gravity (how concentrated the urine is) at home. It is an early and very good indicator of kidney compromise, the number one cause of death in senior cats. By changing your cats diet early in kidney compromise you are giving an additional year (or more) of quality life for you feline friend.  Read more…


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RoeAnn the Director Marketing & Business Development from TICA interviews Dr. Elsey.



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  • Just wanted to say that this is the best litter I have ever used. Love that there is NO dust and that it is completely fragrance free. Great for my allergies. Will definitely continue to buy this litter. Thank you!–Vickie

  • My kitten got into the habit of peeing on my furniture everyday and thanks to Kitten Attract Litter we haven't had anymore accidents. It clumps so well and greatly reduces the amount of mess around the litter box too!–Ilissa

  • I just wanted to tell you how thankful I am for finding your Cat Attract litter. I adopted Buddy two years ago and have had occasional problems with him marking--usually in my bed if I get up at night. I am good about keeping the litter box clean but also tried strategies like moving it, adding other boxes, etc. He still had a problem. Eventually I put waterproof mattress pads on all of my furniture. After researching, I found your website, bought the Dr. Elsey's Cat Attract, and he immediately started using it after I cleaned the boxes and poured it in. He was watching me pour it and couldn't wait to get in. It has been two months, and he has not marked since. Thank you so much!–Sue

  • I have a 21 year old male cat named Norman. Yes, 21. :-) He is starting to have some kidney and liver issues but overall for a cat his age is doing good. For the last year however, he just can't crouch as good as he did in the past. When he was going to the bathroom, urine was spreading onto his feet as he stood there and did his business and he would come out running from the litter box with litter clumped between his claws and on his fur. We were having to give him almost daily paw washes in the sink. In addition as he flew out of the litter box, litter would go everywhere. Then he was walking around the house with litter crusted paws and...it was all just a big mess. It was a pain for him and for us. I happened to mention this to two other cat lovers and they said - you must try Dr. Elsey's. I drove from that meeting to the pet store and bought a bag. I could cry I am so happy with it. Not only are Norman's paws spotless, there is no litter outside the box. This has been such a stresser for all of us. He hated the daily paw washes and we hated to stress him out by doing them. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Norm has lived a long, healthy, happy life and this was an element that was making his old age difficult on him. We are so grateful.–Anne