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RoeAnn the Director Marketing & Business Development from TICA interviews Dr. Elsey.



Read Dr. Elsey’s story and why we support Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation.





  • Hello.  Your Cat Attract litter quite literally saved our cat’s life. After 3 years of inconsistent use of her litter box, we were at our wit’s end and wondering how we could go on with a cat that wouldn’t use her litter. I went online to find a solution and found your website and forums of cat owners who loved your products. Immediately after changing the litter product to Cat Attract, our cat began using her litter box every day without fail. What a relief. Every one is a lot happier, including our cat.–Holly

  • I found 2 feral kittens that were about 4 weeks old and took them in. Initially they both used the litter box with another litter. At about 3 months old one of the kittens started urinating outside the box everywhere in the house. They are strictly indoor cats. I tried several diffrent litters, took him to the vet to rule out any medical problems, and got them neutered.  I was told it was behavioral and really no solution. I came across this website and because of the reviews decided to try Kitten Attract– all I can say is WOW!!! Right away he started using the litter box again and it has been 4 months with no “accidents”!! I am estatic and thankful. I will continue to use this and then transition on to Cat Attract as they get older. Thank you DR. Elsey! Forever grateful.–Karen

  • For some time our cat has, on occasion and without any regularity,  urinated on such things as an article of clothing on the floor, on our bed, etc.  It may happen now, but then may not happen again for as much as 2 weeks.  It was becoming frustrating and we tried adding other litter boxes, for a total of 3, but it still happened occasionally.  About 3 months ago, we had become dissatisfied with all of the dust from the cat litters we had tried.  After some limited searching we found your litter that was 99% dust free, So we decided to try it.  Lo & behold, in the past 3 months, our cat has not had even one "accident'.   Apparently the dust was as objectionable to her as it was to us.  We thank you for your product.  You have essentially saved the life of a great cat.–Jo

  • I have a 21 year old male cat named Norman. Yes, 21. :-) He is starting to have some kidney and liver issues but overall for a cat his age is doing good. For the last year however, he just can't crouch as good as he did in the past. When he was going to the bathroom, urine was spreading onto his feet as he stood there and did his business and he would come out running from the litter box with litter clumped between his claws and on his fur. We were having to give him almost daily paw washes in the sink. In addition as he flew out of the litter box, litter would go everywhere. Then he was walking around the house with litter crusted paws was all just a big mess. It was a pain for him and for us. I happened to mention this to two other cat lovers and they said - you must try Dr. Elsey's. I drove from that meeting to the pet store and bought a bag. I could cry I am so happy with it. Not only are Norman's paws spotless, there is no litter outside the box. This has been such a stresser for all of us. He hated the daily paw washes and we hated to stress him out by doing them. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Norm has lived a long, healthy, happy life and this was an element that was making his old age difficult on him. We are so grateful.–Anne